Rainbow Crow

Rainbow Crow

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Signed, limited-edition of 25 fine art prints

Celtic Roots Festival  artwork for 2017

Size: 16" wide by 12" high

Edition numbers 4, 6-8, 10 and 11 are currently available. Numbers 12-20 and 22-25 are also available with a longer handling time.

Artist Notes on Rainbow Crow

On a sunny day

in the depths of winter

the call of the crow

wakes me up to the beauty

and the memory of spring.

When thinking about an animal for this year’s festival,

I happened to be on a walk to a friend’s memorial service.

And I met up with two crows.

And I listened and followed their advice

when they told me to design a crow this year.

They are messengers after all.

Carrion birds like crows and ravens

are often associated with Celtic divinities.

They are shape shifters.

Irish war goddesses like the Morrigan

could change between forms of woman and bird.

This winged crow

is the element of air.

Connected to the celestial realm,

she can fly to the sun, moon, and stars.

The radiating flower tree at centre is her connection to the earth.

Adding the rainbow element, fire, and water

shows us the colour that can emerge

when sunlight shines on the darkness.