Fishing for Secrets

Fishing for Secrets

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 Created in honour of the fish and the Great Lake Huron where I live. Fish for new discoveries about yourself that you don't yet know...or perhaps you know and like to keep a secret. 

25% of the sale of this star goes to support Lake Huron Coastal Conservation.

This is a great gift for someone to encourage them to share their hidden gifts and make a leap from the security of the watery depths into the air. 

Ignite a spark of colourful energy in your living space. Each star is handprinted and unique, a source of loving, joyful inspiration for your journey.  

As you look at it and enjoy its colours, textures, symbols and shapes let your imagination tell you its message for you. This may surface in words or sounds or feelings or something else entirely. 

Like life, its meaning can change over time.